Egg and sperm donation

Donation is a type of assisted reproduction and an approved treatment method for infertile couples and women in Sweden. Donations are used for infertility due to e g lack of eggs or sperms. If an IVF-treatment has not been successful, eg or sperm donation can be an alternative.

Within Livio we have our own egg and spem bank (Livio Egg and Sperm Bank) which enables us to provide patients with short waiting lists and the highest quality of donation treatment.

Short facts about donation

Egg donation means that donated eggs are fertilized by the man’s sperms. The fertilized egg is then transferred into the woman’s womb. If the woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby, she becomes the biological – but not the genetic – mother of the baby. Sperm donation means that the woman’s eggs are fertilized by a donor’s sperms – which have been frozen for at least six months – via insemination or in vitro fertilization. In such cases the woman becomes the genetic mother of the baby.

Swedish law allows egg and/or sperm donation to couples and women.

The donor remains anonymous to the couple, and the couple remains anonymous to the donor. Donor children have the right to receive information about the donor at the age of 18. According to Swedish legislation the donor will never have any legal obligations nor privileges towards the child.

Prior to commencing donation treatment, the patients undergo a medical examination and a psychological and social evaluation. The objective is to determine that there are no issues hindering the patients from becoming parents. All our donors also go through a medical examination and a psychological evaluation before they are approved as eligible egg or sperm donors.

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